Copy Damaged Data

Copy Damaged Data 1.5

Copy files from disks with problems such as bad sectors
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Sunpix group s.r.o.

Copy Damaged Data is an useful and easy to understand piece of software created to help you regain access to files stored on corrupt media, attempting to recover items that cannot otherwise be duplicated by regular methods.

For starters, you will need to define the source disk which stores your files, choosing the precise folder or document that you wish to retrieve. Subsequently, the utility lets you select the destination directory for the resulting files and adjust the copying preferences.

As such, you can opt between speed, quality or a bit of both, the recommended setting being, however, the slower one, as it features a higher rate of success. You can also input the total number of attempts at recovery, configuring the pause between each try, in milliseconds.

Afterward, your files will be copied to the chosen location, a process which can take more or less time, depending on the amount of damaged areas and bad sectors. If a file's contents are too corrupt for full retrieval, the application will replace the missing data with blanks, so you can at least, access the readable parts of the file.

To conclude, Copy Damaged Data is a handy and effective program that can successfully assist you in retrieving files from corrupt drives, enabling you to obtain even some partial contents of irrecoverable documents.

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